New Ontario license plates under fire for apparently being hard to read

The Ontario government is investigating claims its new provincial blue-on-blue license plates are difficult to read at nighttime or under bright-light glare. 

Complaints, photos and videos started surfacing shortly after the new plates were released earlier this month. 

“We have been made aware that some Ontarians are reporting concerns with readability to the naked-eye under certain light conditions…and are currently looking into this” the office of Minister of Government and Consumer Services Lisa Thompson told CTV News Toronto.

If you haven’t seen one in the wild yet, here’s a look through the cameras of some Twitter users, including an off-duty Ontario police officer.

As demonstrated in the last “not scientific” video using a prototype, besides being hard to read in low light, the numbers and letters on the new plates appear to become washed out in light when viewed from a distance.  

Thompson claims the license plates, which are required on all new vehicles registered after February 1, were tested for “readability, reflectivity and functionality” by “key stakeholders” including law enforcement partners. 

But some critics, including Liberal leader John Fraser, are questioning whether the plates were properly tested at all by Doug Ford’s provincial government. 

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