Month: April 2020

Canada needs to get serious about whistleblower protections. Here’s why

In September 2019, when a whistleblower accused Donald Trump of engaging in an illegal quid pro quo, the U.S. president and his allies agitated for the identity of the anonymous intelligence officer to be revealed. Thanks to the strength of U.S. whistleblower protections, the complainant’s name remains unknown. Elsewhere around the world, however, those who […]

Pandemic shutdowns create a ‘triple whammy’ for Western Canada’s arts community

In another lifetime, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stood in front of John Hammond’s oil painting The Three Sisters at Calgary’s Glenbow museum, talking up philanthropy. He recounted the generosity of Eric Harvie, who founded the museum, and had once owned the painting. Harvie, who eventually made a fortune, began dabbling in Alberta’s oil and gas industry at […]

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