Month: July 2020

‘Stay away.’ ‘Biggest petri dish in the world.’ The view from Canada, of us, isn’t so nice.

Remember how people would joke about moving to Canada when things would go terribly, politically? Like, say, after America had invaded the wrong country. People here, especially liberal Seattle people, would vow: “That’s it, I’m moving to Canada.” Well it turns out we need a new joke. Because Canada isn’t having it anymore. They don’t […]

Air Canada Proposes Science-Based Approach to Easing Quarantine Act Restrictions

Air Canada’s Chief Medical Officer today issued a letter urging the Canadian government to consider a science-based approach to easing the Quarantine Act restrictions, which have been essentially unchanged since March, to strike a better balance for travellers and for the Canadian economy without adversely impacting public health. Air Canada is not proposing relaxing the U.S. border […]

Wolves draft picks look to junior A, B teams for next phase of development

Just when and how the next hockey season will commence is still uncertain, though optimism has been buoyed, at least somewhat, by Canada’s relative success in combatting COVID-19. Lingering questions about the status of the coming campaign, however, have done little to dissuade Sudbury Wolves prospects from making arrangements for 2020-21, with several committing to […]

Canada suspends its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, eyes immigration boost

Canada is suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong in the wake of new Chinese national security legislation and could boost immigration from the former British colony, top officials said on Friday. China imposed the legislation this week despite protests from Hong Kongers and Western nations, setting what is a major financial hub on a more authoritarian track. Prime […]

Migrant workers in Canada stage multi-city protest, call for more COVID-19 protections

Migrant workers and other non-permanent residents — many of whom have been working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic — took to the streets in cities across Canada on Saturday, calling on Ottawa to grant them greater rights and protections. Temporary foreign farm labourers, care workers, international students and undocumented workers who have been working […]

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