Day: December 4, 2020

Racehorse slaughter divides nation over iconic Melbourne Cup

Australia’s iconic horserace, the Melbourne Cup, has copped considerable criticism in 2019 following a recent story by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 7.30 program. The Final Race: The dark side of the horse racing industry exposed disturbing details about the disposal of retired thoroughbreds for food for human consumption. It showed video footage of so-called ‘wastage’ […]

Cultures clash after release of Trinidadian soca music video featuring cricketer Ali Khan

Few soca music videos have gone viral to the degree that singer Destra Garcia’s “Me Gusta” has. The song — one of Destra’s offerings for Trinidad and Tobago’s upcoming 2020 Carnival season, which has been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube — generated quite a few memes and sparked a lot of lighthearted conversation online. Released […]

Can El Salvador’s hosting of a surfing Olympic qualifier alter the country’s violent image?

El Salvador beat Costa Rica, Spain, New Zealand, and Japan to host the 2020 International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games, an Olympic-qualifier surfing competition. From May 9 to 17, 2020, surfers from all over the world will compete on El Salvador’s beaches to win the right to compete at the sport’s Olympic debut in Tokyo, […]

Anishinaabe artist creates Turtle Island emoji to celebrate National Indigenous History Month in Canada

Canadian Twitter users are able to use a specially designed emoji throughout the month of June to commemorate National Indigenous History Month. Created by Anishinaabe artist Chief Lady Bird, the emoji depicts a turtle, tree, and sun representing “Turtle Island,” which is the English name of the continent of North America as translated from a number […]

Battered by criticism, Abe government scrambles to save Japan from COVID-19

As Japan’s eighth death from COVID-19 was confirmed, the Abe government has come under increasing pressure from domestic and international critics to contain the coronavirus that causes the disease. The gathering momentum of the outbreak in Japan and around the world has left the Japanese government with few effective tools against COVID-19, and has raised the […]

Welsh-language rock music finds a place on streaming music platforms

The DigiGlot Newsletter is a bi-weekly collaborative newsletter that reports on how indigenous, minority, and endangered language communities are adopting and adapting technology to increase the digital presence of their languages, and in the process changing the internet landscape by increasing linguistic diversity online. Two million plays and counting In late 2018, Welsh rock band […]

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