Drug-trafficking in Canada. Traces of the Russian Mafia

In November 2020, CBC News released a story about a drug-trafficking ring called The Family. The group mentioned above exploited vulnerable Calgary residents as drug distributors. The ring included more than 500 people as either sellers or buyers, police said.

In early December, our editorial was anonymously contacted by a person who claimed to have information about the possible suppliers of The Family drug-trafficking. It was noted that drug suppliers of Russian origin and work with various drug sellers in Canada.

Conversations with an anonymous author continued for ten days. Our reporters requested materials, names and evidence. The unknown author changed his e-mail addresses and phone numbers during these ten days, explaining that he has to do it for his safety. He believes that corruption has infiltrated all government levels, which makes him cautious of police, anti-drug organizations and similar institutions. Anonymous explicitly expressed his mind stressing that the only form of practical and secure combat, in his view, is raising public awareness.

A few days ago, we received the first video. Thanks to our technical experts, we succeeded in locating the area (Montreal, Quebec) where it was recorded through the video’s metadata. So far, the video has insufficient information. But the text of the female named Elizabeth includes names of two other people, Helen and Ruben (our source noted that Ruben is an Armenian name). According to the source’s accompanying letter, those two individuals are directly involved in the supply of drugs to Canada. We will make every effort to obtain as much information as possible from our source. It is not the first time in the last few years when people from the former Soviet Union were involved in Canada’s drug trade.

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