Attack of Russian bots against Canadian media

On December 12, 2020, the Leader Spirit publication was attacked by unknown persons. Our website had stopped operating for several hours and was inaccessible to users. The reason was DDOs attack. A few hours later, an anonymous Canadian IP ( ( made edits on the Wikipedia page. Namely, the Wikipedia page of the Leader Spirit’s included: “The newspaper has been shut down and fake versions of it have been used by Russian bot networks to create fake news.”

Information about the cyberattack was reported to The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. We do not consider this attack to be accidental. It is likely that such actions are related to the journalistic investigation related to drug trafficking in Canada and representatives of the Russian mafia. The article “Drug-trafficking in Canada. Traces of the Russian Mafia” was published on the website on December 12, and within a few hours, the site was attacked by unknown persons. If the attackers think that they can stop us with their cyberattacks, they are very mistaken. It is a matter of journalistic integrity. We will continue our journalistic investigation and share our findings with the general public.

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