Woman, 19, fatally stabs Tarodale man


RELATIVES said 26-year-old Stephon Ramnarine had endured months of physical abuse by a 19-year-old woman before she fatally stabbed him on Sunday night.

Ramnarine, of Hill Crest Extension, Tarodale, was stabbed once in the neck by the woman.

He died during emergency surgery at the San Fernando General Hospital on Sunday night.

A police report said the two were liming at a friend’s house in Hope Street, Tarodale when they began arguing over a text message on the woman’s cell phone. An eyewitness said the argument escalated and the woman reached for a knife and stabbed Ramnarine once in the neck.

Relatives said Ramnarine and the woman had known each other for seven months.

One relative said she and others had begged Ramnarine to stay away from the young woman but he refused and would say he loved her and could not live without her. The relative said three months ago Ramnarine was hospitalised after the woman stabbed him in the back.

They thought at that point he would stay away from her, but after he was discharged, they said Ramnarine and the woman were back in each other’s company.

Ramnarine did not report the attack to the police.

“There would always be bruises on his face and hands, as it appears she would be beating him.

“We warned him. He did not deserve this. She took advantage of his kindness.”

Relatives said even though he was beaten, not once did Ramnarine lay a hand on the woman.

The 19-year-old woman is now in police custody.

Homicide Region Three police are investigating.

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