Mayaro fireman killed by truck in front of his home


Narish Kissoon, the father of the Satesh Ramkisson, touches a portrait of his son who was killed after he was hit by a truck in Bristol Village, on the Naparima Mayaro Road on Tuesday. – Marvin Hamilton

FIREMAN Satesh Ramkissoon was standing near his Bristol Village, Mayaro, home waiting for a taxi to take him to his shift at the Mayaro Fire Station when he was hit by a truck on Monday evening.

Ramkissoon, 32,  was crushed by the truck, and died in hospital while undergoing emergency surgery.

A police report said at about 4 pm, a Mitsubishi dump truck was heading south along the Naparima Mayaro Road near Bristol Village when a car tried to overtake it.

Reports said the driver of the truck lost control and it veered off the road and slammed into Ramkissoon, who was standing in front of his house.

Ramkissoon’s father Satish broke down in tears as he recalled his son’s last moments.

“He told me, ‘Dad, I can’t breathe, Dad, I can’t breathe,’ he kept saying as I held him at the hospital. I thought he was going to be all right.

“But at the time we did not know that he may have suffered internal injuries. I did not know that would have been the last time I was going to see my son alive.”

The emotional father, who lives a stone’s throw away from his son, said he saw his son earlier that day, at around 2 pm.

“We sat and chatted and ate together. Then he left to go home and get ready for work.

“I knew he was waiting on a taxi near our house when I heard this bang. At that moment I did not even know what it was.”

Satish said it was only when he saw his wife screaming, “Oh gosh, he killed my Satesh. Oh God, no!” that he ran out to the front and saw his son under the truck.

One of Ramkissoon’s brothers, Daniel, and a friend, Anderson Oddle, lifted him from under the truck and took him to the Mayaro Health Facility.

He was later transferred to the Sangre Grande Hospital, where he died.

The truck driver escaped with minor injuries and the driver of the car was unhurt.

Villagers said both drivers were speeding along the Naparima/ Mayaro Road near the village.

“He did not have to die this way. Both drivers are blaming each other, but they both were speeding and, as a result, an innocent man is dead,” said one resident.

Ramkissoon was described as a kind, caring, and dedicated fireman who loved his job. He had been a fireman for six years.

Mayaro police are investigating.

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