Panic at Camp Ogden as soldier runs wild


Camp Ogden at Long Circular Road, St James. – Ayanna Kinsale

A shooting at Camp Ogden, St James, the regiment base of the First Infantry Battalion, triggered panic among soldiers on Thursday night.

Multiple sources confirmed a scuffle between a private, who was on guard duty, and a warrant officer, with blows being exchanged.

The soldier reportedly refused to obey an order and was being detained for insubordination, sources said. In the melee, he snatched his assault rifle and began shooting into the air while running to the western end of the camp, near a river, one witness recounted.

He was subsequently detained and the weapon seized. The base was immediately put on lockdown as a security measure.

Sources said the soldier apparently “trippped off,” as he felt he was being bullied and victimised.

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