Rescued Guayaguayare fishermen’s first meal was KFC


AFTER five days of surviving on rainwater and raw fish while lost at sea, the first meal three Guayaguayare fishermen ate after making their way back home was some Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

A relative confirmed this to Newsday on Wednesday evening saying the rescued fishermen Shaquille Charles, Frank Anthony Sandy, and Walter Whiteman asked for KFC shortly after coming home.

“They had eaten raw fish for five days so they really wanted to enjoy one of their favourite meals and that was KFC,” the relative said. Charles, Sandy and Whiteman created a paddle out of pieces of wood and two bucket covers and paddled for days and nights until they made it to Morne Diablo, west of Guayaguayare, on Tuesday morning.

The fishermen said they were paddling for days in the “middle of nowhere.” The men were discharged from the Mayaro Health Facility on Tuesday evening after they fainted from dehydration. They had to be given intravenous fluids immediately. Doctors recommended plenty of liquids and rest.

Joel Scott said his brother Walter and the other two were in high spirits. Relatives said all the friends were anxious to go back out fishing soon.

“They are brave indeed. My brother said it is the sea that has to fear him, and he is not afraid of the sea. And he is ready to go back fishing.”Joel Scott said. Relatives told Newsday villagers and strangers have commended the fishermen for their bravery and determination.

Last week Friday around 3 pm, the fishermen left the Guayaguayare fishing port to fish. When they failed to return home, their families reported them missing to Mayaro police on Saturday.

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