Charlieville bandits try to steal gun owner’s truck


GUN-TOTING BANDITS tried to rob a man of his Toyota Hilux on Thursday night, while he was at a grill hut at Munroe Road,Charlieville.

But it didn’t go as planned as the intended victim had a gun of his own.

Police confirmed at about 8 pm the man was at the parking lot waiting for his order. Three armed men approached him and demanded the keys to his vehicle.

The man drew his gun and shot at the would-be bandits. Newsday was told one may have been wounded in the exchange.

A car pulled alongside them and they escaped with the wounded would-be bandit.

“Our vehicle was parked directly in front of the robbery,” said one witness in a Facebook post. “(A relative) was inside the restaurant buying food. When the shots were fired I just held my kids and ducked. (The relative) was sitting inside and a glass shattered near to where he was sitting. We just left everything and drove home.”

Staff at the restaurant said they were worried that the bandits would try to rob the restaurant as well. A manager there said customers would have the necessary security to keep them safe.

“We couldn’t lock the doors, but we all went to the back of the establishment,” said a manager. “We have security here so patrons don’t have to worry.”

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