Government has given 10,000 devices to schoolchildren


Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly –

Minister of Education Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly has said the government has started the procurement process to acquire 20,000 laptops for students still in need of devices.

Responding to Newsday via WhatsApp, Gadsby-Dolly said the ministry has received commitments to donate 21,810 devices from a total of 60 corporate donors since the launch of the Adopt-a-School initiative in September.

Of these, 10,018 devices have been delivered.

She said a survey done by the ministry in late September showed 65,000 students still need devices.

But she added, “(The figure) may well have been inflated due to the prospect of donations in the air.”

Gadsby-Dolly said the ministry has developed a means test to assess applications for devices, and another survey will be done in January.

She concluded, “Based on the first instalment of 20,000 devices from the government, and the 21,810 which are being donated through Adopt-a-School, and the private purchases of parents and donors, we should be well able to satisfy the need.”

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