PTSC starts Chaguanas to Tabaquite service from Monday


A fleet of PTSC buses. – Angelo Marcelle

A new bus service has been introduced for the residents of Tabaquite and environs and will kick off from Monday.

On Saturday, chairman of the Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation Henry Awong said the long-awaited proposal for this route was finally a reality.

He said with the heightened concern of travelling with PH drivers, the Public Service Transport Corportation’s (PTSC) route from Chaguanas to TPD Road has been welcomed by everyone.

Awong said, “Safety is priority. We understand the concerns of the public, both travelling and those who ply the route with their private vehicle.

“But for many, the bus service offers a sense of safety and allows them to save a few dollars. I do not think that the PH drivers will have any type of competition with the bus service as it has scheduled trips throughout the day. The PH taxis work all day.”

A bus ride from Tabaquite to Chaguanas will cost $4 while it is $12 by taxi. The first bus trip leaves Chaguanas at 4.15 am and the last trip leaves at 5.30 pm.

“For some reason the holiday season always brings traffic, and this service will be convenient for many and reduce traffic in the main shopping area. People can leave their cars at home and utilise this service,” Awong said.

Awong said they were also working on re-introducing the bus service from San Fernando to Tabaquite and was in discussions with PTSC’s management. PTSC also runs a bus route from Chaguanas to Rio Claro.

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