Government gives three months’ grace on car tint rules



The Ministry of Works and Transport has given drivers a three-month grace period to comply with the new regulations on vehicle tints.

A release on Friday from the corporate communication unit said in 2018, the ministry developed a policy document on the amendment of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act.

The aim was to modernise the law on the use of window tint on cars.

On August 3, the new regulations came into effect, although the release said they are not being enforced.

The ministry said a three-month moratorium has now been granted from December 7 to give vehicle owners sufficient time to make sure they are in compliance with with the new regulations.

It said the ministry anticipated this moratorium would minimise public inconvenience and allow people to adhere to the covid19 public health and safety requirements.

Individuals or businesses who want to apply for an exemption certificate o medical or safety and security grounds must download tint-exemption application forms from the ministry’s website (

Forms and supporting documents must be put in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Transport Commissioner, Transport Division, Southern Main Road, Caroni. They must then be taken to the Transport Division.

“Application forms must be deposited in the white box labelled TINT APPLICATION, on the Ground Floor, Staff Entrance, Caroni Licensing Head Office, Southern Main Road, Caroni,” the release said.

The ministry urged the public to use the extension to ensure their vehicles meet the new requirements. It said anyone who contravenes the regulations commits a traffic violation and is liable to a fine of $5,000.

The new rules:

The minimum level of visible light transmittance (VLT) on a windscreen should be at least 70 per cent.

Windscreen anti-glare band (AGB) or visor (six inches or 15 cm from the top of the windscreen): at least 35 per cent VLT.

Both rear windows (including side windows) and rear windscreen: at least 20 per cent VLT.

The front windows (driver and passenger): at least 35 per cent VLT.

For an overview of the new regulations, go to:

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