Health ministry revises protocols for returning citizens



The Ministry of Health has updated its protocols for people coming into TT from the United Kingdom after reports of a new strain of the covid19 virus being identified there.

The ministry said it has noted the recent development with great concern and is now requiring people to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period at a state or state-supervised facility.

The need to have a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to travelling still applies.

The ministry said the new protocol deviates from the requirement to be quarantined at a state or state-supervised facility for seven days followed by seven days’ home quarantine.

“All other protocols as it relates to entry into Trinidad and Tobago remain the same at this time.”

And Prime Minister, in a statement on Monday, said he will continue to be guided by trained healthcare experts.

In a post on his Facebook page, Dr Rowley said, “We will continue to do what we have been doing all along – be informed and respect the science of virology and epidemiology.”

He spoke of the UNC’s response to the covid19 virus.

“We have withstood the bandwagonist UNC who have consistently undermined our national efforts whilst trumpeting “cures” like hydroxychloroquine, puncheon and lime, sunshine etc. Also they said it was all a hoax to which the Government was reacting.

“Now they are calling for the vaccine now, even before we have any allocation identified yet in the world COVAX supply.”

Major international news outlets have reported that a new strain of the virus is spreading rapidly throughout the UK. This strain is said to be better able to transmit than other variants.

The reports have led many countries, including European Union countries, to close their borders to UK travellers. Tighter lockdown measures have also been introduced in the UK.

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