Have faith in TT’s future


File photo: PM Dr Keith Rowley – SUREASH CHOLAI

THE Prime Minister has urged citizens to have faith in the country’s future and to set a good platform for 2021 by being careful over covid19 during the festive season.

Sporting a cream-coloured turtleneck sweater and brown suit, Dr Rowley offered season’s greetings to the public at the end of the Christmas at Whitehall Concert on Wednesday night broadcast over social media. He hailed the concert as a wonderful programme of love, hope and charity.

He commented, “We started this year with a lot of fear, but a lot of faith. It has been a year of the pandemic, a year of pain, a year of losses, losses of jobs.

“But in the middle of all this it was a year of resilience and a year of interesting times for the people of TT and the rest of the world.”

Rowley said amid all this, people look forward to Christmas – but must still follow the health protocols against the pandemic.

“As you meet family and friends, let small numbers do big things for us. Try to operate in as small a crowd as possible. No partying. No partying. No congregating, except in small family groups.”

He said other countries had legislated to effect that.

“But here in TT we’ll still try to have a semi-normal Christmas – but a responsible one,” he said, “ensuring that when the Christmas season is over, we can start 2021 with a new leap of faith, with a vision for a better TT in the pandemic.”

Rowley said by the end of the first quarter of 2021, TT should have the covid19 vaccine and so become safer and more confident.

“So today I want to thank the people of TT, our entire nation, those of you at home and those of you who are abroad too who shared in the pain too, that we have made it to the end of the year and we look forward to making it into 2021, better.”

He hoped people would enjoy Christmas, yet be safe and responsible.

“In all of this, as our Christian religion teaches us there is faith, let us have confidence there is a future for us. The promise of Christmas is one of a future, a better future.

“So to all the people of TT, particularly the children who look forward to Christmas, have a merry, happy, healthy, safe Christmas, as we look forward to a bright and prosperous New Year. Thank you for all you have done for everybody in TT as we continue to be each other’s keeper. Merry Christmas to Trinidad and Tobago. Merry Christmas to you all.”

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