Photos of the day: Dec 24


Four year old Hailey Bertrand test drives remote controlled operated car at a flea market at the Divali Nagar Site, Endeavour. – AYANNA KINSALE

Newsday photographers captured some of these images reflecting the past 24 hours in Trinidad and Tobago. Other photos were submitted by readers like you.

If you’d like to be featured in our daily photo galleries, please e-mail us a photo to [email protected] with the caption “Photo of the Day” and we will pick one photo each day to feature, with a few sentences about the photographer.

The Creche at the Divali Nagar Site, Endeavour. – AYANNA KINSALE

Leo De Costa, from left, Kai Camps, Peter De Freitas and Tsio Adelekan admiring a Christmas tree at Dexter Kalloo’s home in Diego Martin. – Sureash Cholai

A woman with no face mask was among others in a car, none of whom were masked. The women were stopped on High Street, San Fernando, and were detained by the police on Christmas eve, following a police exercise. The woman was heard shouting and using expletives, which led to her being taken away by the officers along with another woman. – Marvin Hamilton

Siblings Gabriella Cummings, 14, and little sister Angel Greaves, 7. They are relatives of Ornella Greaves, who was killed by a police officer during the fiery protest on the morning of June 30 in Beetham Gardens. Some family members spoke to Newsday on Thursday about the lack of accountability and injustice that occurred on that day and the struggles the family has been faced with since her untimely death, which includes the grief of having their first Christmas Season without her. – ROGER JACOB

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