Attempted murder accused on the run posts Christmas greetings on police Facebook page


The TTPS poster for Roger Bissoon, also known as Roger Bissoo, who is now wanted after jumping bail on an attempted murder charge. –

A social media user purporting to be the man wanted by police for skipping bail took to Facebook to comment on the issue.

Up to Saturday, Roger “Bissoo” Bissoon, 44, who police charged in 2016 with the attempted murder of a woman, remained at large.

Responding to calls from social media users to give himself up to the police, the man purporting to be Bisson said on the TT Police Service official Facebook page: “Ah don’t know what these people have against me so with all those lies.”

Using GIFs on Friday, he wished Merry Christmas to many people who commented on his failing to reappear in court.

Police contend that he doused an estranged female relative with acid at a house at La Romaine in February 2016.

Several people expressed their displeasure that attempted murder is a bailable offence.

A social media user said Bissoon was staying in an abandoned house in Shaw Park in Tobago.

Southern Division police said someone called the San Fernando police station on Christmas Day, saying people had spotted him at Gopaul Lands in Marabella. Police checked but could not find him.

Police said the search is ongoing “throughout Trinidad and Tobago” for the labourer.

Senior police said when bail is granted to people, the onus is on the accused and bailors to ensure they appear before the court on the adjourned date. The court can revoke bail if the conditions to the bond are not met.

On Friday, a police statement said a San Fernando magistrate in September 2016 placed the accused on $100,000 bail with a surety.

Bissoon failed to appear in court for subsequent hearings, and a magistrate issued a warrant for his arrest.

Police said Bissoon last lived at Ramjohn Trace, Penal, and Palm Drive in San Fernando.

It is not the first time that police has launched a manhunt for his arrest. For three months after the estranged relative reported the acid attack, he went into hiding. Police found him at the home of his sister and her husband at Palmyra.

Police later charged the couple for harbouring Bissoon. Initially they pleaded not guilty before a San Fernando magistrate who granted them bail.

In 2018, the couple changed their pleads to guilty, and the magistrate fined them $15,000 each.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts can contact the San Fernando Police Station at 652–2858, 652-1771, 652-3206 or 652-9367, or 999, 555, or make a report via the TTPS App.

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