Criminal with a female face. Traces of the Russian Mafia

In the recent article, we started a new investigative journalism series on fighting drug trafficking in Canada. In 2016, Justin Trudeau defined fighting drug trafficking as a primary assignment for law enforcement and security agencies. Criminal organizations have certainly been highly resisting and disguising as various foundations, community organizations, and non-profit structures. The ingenuity of criminal networks and their ethnic diversity makes Canadian law enforcement agencies’ job as complicated as it can get. However, despite this, some progress has been made over the last 3 years.

As mentioned earlier in “Drug-Trafficking in Canada. Traces of the Russian Mafia”, our editorial was contacted by an anonymous person who reported about several individuals directly related to the organization of drug trafficking in Canada, according to him. Some parts of the material we presented in the article and some other pieces were passed to the police. Over the past 10 days, an unidentified individual provided a new portion of data with documents, photos and facts which require rigorous examination and expertise. We also received two new videotapes.

“Anyways, I visited Columbia about two years ago. After a while, I saw security guys entering the restaurant. They were having some kind of business talk. Helen was among these people. Maybe that’s just one of her names. I did recognize her. She has a striking appearance. When my buddy noticed I was staring in their direction, he told me to stop if I want no trouble. But some people at their table were already looking in our direction. My buddy said that we should be getting out of here. On the way to the car, he said that those people belong to the cartel, and it’s better not to attract their attention.”

One of the insiders in this fragment gives information about Helen. She came to Canada from Ukraine and works in Montreal for “Ernst & Young” under the guise of a Senior Consultant, Operations and Supply Chain. For the needs of the investigation, we are not revealing other details about her.

“I served in the Army. That’s where I get the habit of noticing what others don’t. I’ve seen Helen around certain people on two occasions. Their demeanour gives them away, they look like military, but they are not, that’s obvious. You can tell that Helen is submissive to those people. Trust me, those people are intelligence officers or part of a very well-organized crime.”

We managed to track down the data about the identity of Helen’s father, by the name of Ruben, who lives in Ukraine now. The informant’s information we have been receiving until now in small amounts is verified; namely, countries visited by Helen, dates, names, photos and videos. It will not be surprising if Helen leaves Canada for different reasons after the publication of this article. That’s the case with a lot of investigations. The most important thing is that her personal information has been passed to law enforcement, and she is under surveillance. We will consider her departure from the country as an interim result. Any interruption in the criminal chain causes rearrangement of schemes, extra financial expenses and time, which provides police more time to react appropriately and undermine criminals’ reputation and power.

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