Sunday fun at Macqueripe


Ayodele Onilu, centre, with her friends Nyelle, left, and Nyomie Jobe. – Ayana Kinsale

THE TT Met Office, on Thursday last week, issued an advisory warning of hazardous sea conditions along the nation’s coastlines. The advisory was expected to stay in effect until 8 am on Monday. However, this did not stop beachgoers from heading out to Macqueripe beach in Chaguaramas on Sunday to enjoy the crashing waves.

Newsday photographer Ayana Kinsale was on hand to capture some of the fun.

This man dives into the water with his surfboard. – Ayana Kinsale

Alexandra Mendez may have aspirations of becoming a surfer with training from her father Murphy Jairam who pulls her on a surfboard. – Ayana Kinsale

Jo Jo the monkey and his owner Christina James were not to be left out of the fun. – Ayana Kinsale

This couple just enjoyed sitting and watching the waves crash against a wall. – Ayana Kinsale

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