THA independent candidate to set up community council


Independent candidate Anthony Hector speaks to the media on Monday after filing his nomination papers for the THA election.

ANTHONY Hector, the independent candidate for Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden in the January 25 THA election, said his main priority, if elected, will be to establish a community council for the area.

After filing his nomination papers on Monday, an excited Hector told reporters setting up a community council continues to be the major talking point of his campaign.

“The main issue of the campaign is that we are promoting community politics where we are saying to the residents who vote the candidate that your job has not stopped there,” he said. “After that, we will be setting up a constituency council where each part of the constituency will meet monthly to discuss their affairs and not wait until four years.”

Hector said there will also be a constituency executive, which he intends to lead with a technical team “to ensure that we produce results.” Hector, a first-timer in the election race, said he is not threatened by the PNM’s candidate Kelvon Morris.

“For some strange reason, the PNM has either weakened themselves or disqualified themselves in my particular constituency. Look at the state of affairs of the PNM: they have imploded. They fired their Chief Secretary (Kelvin Charles) before the end of the term, and they are still scrambling to determine what strategy they will use for this election.”

Hector, who was accompanied by two of his supporters, feels he has an excellent chance of winning the seat. “As a matter of fact, some doors have been opened for us. We did some hard work, but some doors have been opened for us.”

Saying his strategy has been clear, Hector said he started campaigning in May and has had over 25 community meetings across the length and breadth of the electoral district, which comprises some 23 areas. “All we have to do is convert support into votes.”

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