Active covid19 cases fall below 300


The number of active covid19 cases fell below 300 for the first time in months on Friday, with 260 being reported.

There were nine new cases from samples taken between January 5 and 7, the Ministry of Health said on Friday afternoon.

The number of deaths remains at 127.

Since March, there have been 7,219 cases, of which 6,832 have recovered.

There are 22 people in hospital, one fewer than Thursday.

There are 17 people at the Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility, with one person in the intensive care unit and one in the high dependency unit. There were two patients at the Caura Hospital, one at the St Ann’s Hospital and two at the Scarborough Regional Hospital at the Fort.

There are 15 people in step-down facilities, with 12 at UWI Debe and three in Tobago. There were 50 people in step-down facilities on Thursday. Thirty-nine people have been discharged from public health facilities, and there are 19 additional recovered community cases.

There are 223 people in state quarantine facilities, with Thursday’s figure being 249.

There was one more person in home self-isolation on Friday, with the figure being 223.

No patients were reported as being in the care of the prison system.

The update said a total of 74,775 people have been tested to date, 33,346 of them at private facilities.

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