NSA party wants unity in crime fight


NATIONAL Solidarity Assembly (NSA) leader Nirvan Maharaj on Friday called for “an extraordinary sitting of Parliament, in order to deal with the escalating crime situation.”

In a statement, Maharaj said there must be “a National Front Parliament on the issue of crime, or our society will collapse under the weight of criminality.” He also appealed to the Government and Opposition to lift the whip on their respective MPs so they can “speak and vote according to conscience.”

In doing so, Maharaj said, “People must know the true views of those whom they have voted into office.” He declared it is unacceptable for crime to be out of control while “our parliamentarians are content to sit on their behinds and accuse and attack each other based on personality and ego and on petty and irrelevant issues.”

He accused both government and opposition parliamentarians of behaving like children in a primary school playground. Maharaj noted some of them abstain “without voting yay (sic) or nay as if that is what they are being paid to do.”

He claimed some MPs actually look forward to being thrown out of Parliament. Maharaj said it is unacceptable for such people to believe being ejected from Parliament is “a badge of honour” while they demonstrate “absolutely no concern for the people’s business.”

He identified the implementation of the death penalty as a deterrent to serious crimes, increasing police and army patrols throughout the country and improving the use of technology among some of the measures which must be taken to curb crime.

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