71 ticketed for not wearing masks at Chaguanas party


File photo.

HOURS after Police Commissioner Gary Griffith issued a media release reminding the public to obey covid19 public health regulations, Central Division Task Force shut down a birthday party at a restaurant after guests flouted the rules.

A police media release on Sunday reported that 71 people were ticketed at a restaurant in Chaguanas for failing to wear face masks. The same release when posted to social media was accompanied by a video recording of the party in which a very popular chutney singer was seen singing. He too was also issued a ticket.

The release said after receiving information, at around 11.45 pm on Saturday the police went to the Passage to Asia Restaurant at St Yves Street in Chaguanas, where the party was in full swing.

A team of officers led by acting Sgts Andrews, John and Cpl Hamilton stopped the party and issued 71 tickets to the rule-breakers, who included one off-duty police officer.

The guests are expected to be charged by summons for convening over the stipulated limit under Section 3(1) of the Public Health Regulations, which states there should be no gathering of more than ten people in a given area. The release also reported that the owner of the restaurant may face a charge for allowing the event to take place.

The police are reminding the public to obey the Public Health Regulations to avoid the spread of covid19.

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