I will bring back trade schools


Joel “Nuttsy” Sampson. PHOTO COURTESY FACEBOOK –

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) candidate for Canaan/Bon Accord in the January 25 THA election Joel “Nuttsy” Sampson says if elected, he intends to push for the return of trade centres in Tobago.

He made the promise on Wednesday night while delivering his maiden political address at the opening of the party’s Canaan/Bon Accord office at Busy’s Hardware compound, Milford Road.

Sampson said he is deeply concerned about young people on the island.

“Another problem we are faced with are the young persons. No one seems to care about the youth,” he said.

“So I have to take a stand, because there are so many avenues that can be created for young persons throughout Tobago.”

Sampson added: “They took away the trade centres. That is something that should have not been taken away, because some persons, they may not be academically inclined. But give them a hands-on, they can get it done.

“So why not utilise and bring back trade centres so the young persons can equip themselves so they can be self-sustainable and make money?”

Sampson said many young people want to be self-sufficient.

“If they have an avenue where they can create and get their own business, they would like that.

“Because at the end of the day, all somebody truly wants is to put food on their family’s table, ensure that their bills are paid, ensure that their roofs are not leaking and they live comfortably.”

Sampson believes Tobago has been lagging behind in development.

“When you look at the rate of development in Tobago, it is very slow.”

He described Crown Point, the island’s entertainment capital, as a shanty town.

“When you look at Crown Point, my beautiful Crown Point, that is the epicentre of tourism. But it is dilapidated. It is like a shanty town.” Sampson said when one is pursuing development, there must be proper planning “so that we can move forward, instead of persons just coming and knock up that here, knock up this there and open a business.”

He added development must include employment opportunities for future generations.

“When you do development, you think about the long run. Think about down the road, how it can help us and the good it would bring.”

At the end of the meeting, several PDP candidates were presented to the audience.

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