Siparia nurse in hospital after beating with hammer


A 22-year-old Siparia nurse is now in hospital after her ex-boyfriend beat her in the head with a hammer.

Police said around 3.30 pm on Friday, they received a report that there was a woman with severe head injuries in the forest reserve in Fyzabad. She had been found by a driver.

They took the victim, Jada Pierre, of Bali Hosein Trace, to the Siparia Health Facility. She was subsequently taken to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Pierre, a geriatric nurse, told investigating officers at around 3 pm, her ex-boyfriend picked her up and while driving along the field road near Sanderson Park, he asked for a reconciliation.

She said when she refused he became angry, stopped the car and asked her to drive. Pierre told police as she was trying to sit behind the wheel, the suspect struck her several times over the head with a hammer and flung her out of the car before driving off.

She is currently in the resuscitation area at the hospital and in stable condition, police said. She has multiple head injuries including fractures and lacerations.

The suspect, from New City, Fyzabad, is being detained at the Fyzabad Police Station.

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