Tobago schools receive digital devices from THA


The Division of Education, Innovation and Energy distributed digital devices to primary school principals last week. – THA

The first batch of devices procured and purchased by the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy have been delivered to principals of 30 primary schools across the island.

The first phase saw devices distributed for primary school standards four and five students. Other students would be accommodated in the second phase of delivery.

Primary school principals received the devices during small-scale ceremonies on Thursday and Friday.

Principals signed a device loan agreement which highlights the division’s role in maintaining the device as well as the expectation for its upkeep by students.

The division said it continues to work to bridge the gap of the digital divide to ensure that during this period no child is left behind.

The THA had approved $7.8 million to purchase around 4,000 devices.

But the company that won the bid, Memory Bank Computers Ltd, is struggling to acquire the necessary foreign exchange to complete the purchase. Education Secretary Kelvin Charles said last year that the devices were in a warehouse in Miami waiting to be cleared.

TTUTA Tobago officer Bradon Roberts told Newsday recently, a little over 600 of the devices are already here.

“They are doing it incrementally to be able to have the US (invoice) amount cleared.”

He was told another 600-plus would arrive within two weeks.

“And by the end of the month, they will be coming in (again) in that amount.”

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