Tsoiafatt Angus: I am at peace


Scarborough/Calder Hall independent candidate Dr Denise Tsoiafatt Angus speaks to the media after voting at the SDA Primary School, Scarborough. – Jeff K Mayers

Independent candidate for Scarborough/Calder Hall Dr Denise Tsoiafatt Angus says she is at peace with the campaign she ran in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election.

Speaking to reporters on Monday after voting at the Harmon’s Seventh-Day Adventist Primary School, Scarborough, Tsoiafatt Angus said her campaign was fuelled by the cries of the people.

“I started this journey heeding the cries of the people. The work has been done and I have all faith and confidence in the people that they will come out and do the right thing and leaving the rest in the hands of the good Lord,” she said.

Tsoiafatt Angus, who was accompanied by her mother, aunt and daughter, said she did not hear any complaints about irregularities at the time she voted around 9.30 am.

The former THA presiding officer said if she wins the seat, her first order of business will be to say “thank you” to the electorate of Scarborough/Calder Hall.

“That is something that we don’t often do. We walk and beg people for their votes but we never walk back and say, ‘Thank you.’

“That has been my tradition since I have been going up for elections. I intend to continue that tradition and walk and knock on every door and say ‘Thank you.’”

Asked about voter turnout, Tsoiafatt Angus said: “My feedback is that the voter turnout is very good across the board.”

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