Men must stop men from violence against women


Men and women call for justice for women victims of violence and murder outside Parliament on Friday. PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI –

The Alliance for State Action to end Gender-based Violence says it is not enough to grieve for those who have gone missing, been kidnapped or been killed. But the “whole of society” is obligated to act.

The organisation, a coalition which includes the Institute of Gender and Development Studies, CAISO Sex and Gender Justice, Coalition against Domestic Violence, Caribbean Male Action Network, Silver Linings and others, offered its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Andrea Bharatt.

In a release, it called on the government and men’s organisations especially to take action because violence against women and girls is a national emergency. It said one in three women experience domestic violence in the home while a recent survey report stated that one in five are sexually assaulted at some point in their lives.

“These statistics come as no surprise to women who must be on high alert on the streets, in the workplace, and in public transportation because sexual harassment can quickly escalate into physical and sexual violence.”

It again called for a national action plan, accompanied by a budget, to prevent and respond to gender-based violence. It should improve policing, fund shelters, and improve judicial services so reduce delays, and include messages of gender and sexual equality and respect in the education system.

It also asked for a gender-sensitive transportation policy that takes into consideration that women use public transportation more than men and they are vulnerable getting to or from work or to their families.

Men’s organisations, organisations led by men, and those working with men and boys were questioned about what they were doing and saying to help make the world a more equal and safe space for women.

“We talk about violence against women. But what we should be talking about is men’s use of violence as an expression of power and control over women. Violence against women is inextricably linked to gender inequality and sexist attitudes and behaviours. Too many men continue to receive the message that being a man means being dominant, being the ‘head of household,’ being in charge, having access to women’s bodies whether there is consent or not, and controlling women’s lives.”

It said men should take responsibility and take action because “women are human beings and are equally entitled to lives of dignity, peace and safety.” It then called on men to organise a “public show of solidarity” now as women need to know men are committed to a world in which they are safe from men’s violence against women.

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