RCMP officer rescues P.E.I. driver stuck in snowy ditch for 4 hours

A P.E.I. driver stranded in a ditch for four hours early Monday morning is safe after an RCMP officer noticed his hazard lights and was able to shovel him out. 

The officer saw the car’s lights flashing off the side of the road near North Tryon at about 6:20 a.m., according to a news release from Prince District RCMP. 

“The officer checked to see if the occupants had safely departed and located an elderly male who had been stuck waiting for tow in the ditch for approximately four hours,” the release said. 

“Due to weather conditions the tow vehicles were unable to attend.”

Heavy snowfall and winter storm warnings had been out for the whole Island all day Sunday. Snow had been falling steadily for hours by the time the man went off the road early Monday, and high winds were reducing visibility greatly. 

The driver’s door was buried in snow and the passenger door was not working, police said. 

After shoveling the snow away from the door on the driver’s side, the officer “escorted the man back to his residence where he was left in the care of his family.” 

Another view of the stuck car, from the Prince County RCMP news release. (RCMP)

The news release warns Islanders that they should be out on the road in stormy weather unless they absolutely have to get somewhere. 

“The conditions were not safe for non-essential/emergency travel and the results of this event could have been tragic.”

The RCMP are also reminding drivers that they should not venture out in poor conditions without a “working cell phone, shovel, and appropriate clothing for the elements.”

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