Woman slashes taxi driver’s face in kidnap attempt


Heights of Aripo, Aripo. – ROGER JACOB

Police are looking for a man with a fresh cut on the left side of his face after he was slashed with a knife by a woman they said he attempted to abduct on Sunday morning. Police said the woman got into a silver Tiida at around 7.10 am on Broadway, Arima to go to Cumuto. The woman became alarmed when the driver turned left onto Aripo Road instead of driving towards Cumuto.

The driver reportedly ignored her requests for him to stop. The woman took out a knife and slashed the man across his face. The driver stopped the vehicle and began cuffing her in her face. The woman got out the car and ran away, chased by the man. He tried unsuccessfully to grab her purse. The woman eventually got away when the driver of another vehicle stopped to help her. She was taken to the Arima hospital for treatment. Police searched for the driver in Arima and environs but were unsuccessful.

Police said anyone with information about the vehicle or the driver should call 999.

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