Police ask public for help in fighting fake cops


Police Commissioner Gary Griffith. –

DAYS after police warned the country of an imposter going by the name of “Sgt Hamilton” comes a video of two men pretending to be police officers “arresting” a man.

In a Twitter post on Thursday morning, the police showed a 15-second video of a masked man wearing what appeared to be a police shield, who identified himself as “Constable George from FIB (Financial Intelligence Bureau).”

In the Twitter post the police said the men are imposters, and are calling on the public to report them to the police.

The area where the “arrest” took place was not disclosed.

“Constable George” is seen wearing what appears to be a police badge. These were issued thanks to an $8 million budget allocation to provide police with new uniforms as well as badges. When the badges were introduced, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith mandated that all officers wear them on duty so that the public could identify them.

Last Saturday police warned that there is no “Sergeant Hamilton” assigned to the Cyber and Social Media Unit.

A media release said a number of people had reported that “an individual purporting to be a member of the Cyber and Social Media Unit” was asking people to divulge personal information to assist in investigations.

It warned, “This is not in keeping with the standard operating procedures of this unit and this matter is being thoroughly investigated.”

The police said they could not say how many people were affected by “Sgt Hamilton’s” actions, as the matter was being investigated. They asked the public not to share information about their e-mail accounts, social media accounts and passwords with the man, adding that anyone with information on “Sgt Hamilton” should contact them.

Last month 59-yea-old Robin Krishna Mahabir of Chaguanas appeared before magistrate Aden Stroude for impersonating a police officer and was granted $10,000 bail. He was held after members of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and the Siparia CID went to Mahabir’s home at Egypt Village, Endeavour, where they allegedly found a shortwave radio and police swivel lights installed on his car.

Last week police arrested two men and seized police operational wear including police-issue bulletproof vests.

In 2018, just after taking office, Griffith mandated that police in plain clothes on duty must present their police ID cards when requested. Griffith emphasised then that uniformed police in a marked police vehicle need not necessarily produce an ID badge on approach or initial interaction, but once demanded, it must be shown to members of the public.

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