Arima Business Association disturbed by RBC break-in


Arima Business Association President Reval Chattergoon – Angelo Marcelle

Ravel Chattergoon, president of the Arima Business Association, said he is disturbed by the recent break-in at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Arima branch.

The bank was broken into on February 17. Police reported that $700 in coins were stolen and one teller unit was ransacked.

Chattergoon said Arima has had several “unfavourable” incidents over the past weeks and he hopes the police will work to increase their presence in and around the area.

He told Newsday on Monday, “House (and) industrial break-ins have been an issue for some time. We are concerned, which is why we continue to work with the TTPS. The reality is, Arima is either first, second, or third place in northern and all crime, and we are lacking resources.”

On Monday police said no arrests have been made and they are reviewing CCTV footage.

Initial reports said a security guard found the teller unit ransacked during a routine check at 6.15 am. When police visited the bank they found a window pried open from the outside, four metal vaults opened and one vault cut open. No fingerprints were found.

Andrew Knowles communication officer, told Newsday there was no breach of confidential client information and the bank continues to work closely with the police in its investigation.

In response to e-mailed questions on Monday, he said, “The police are investigating this matter. As the branch was closed, no clients or employees were injured during this incident and no client information was compromised. The branch reopened to clients on Thursday, February 18.

“We will assist the police with whatever their investigation might require. As this is now under investigation we cannot comment further.”

The recent break-in follows a $1.3 million robbery at the bank’s Maraval branch. Reports said on January 1, burglars smashed through a wall and made their way into the ATM room. An employee discovered two ATMs damaged and money missing the following morning.

The Bankers Association of TT could not be reached for comment.

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