Photos of the day: February 25, 2021


Sorrel growing at the Ministry of Agriculture’s National Seed Bank, Chaguaramas facility. – Vidya Thurab

Newsday photographers captured some of these images reflecting the past 24 hours in Trinidad and Tobago. Other photos were submitted by readers like you.

If you’d like to be featured in our daily photo galleries, please e-mail us a photo to [email protected] with the caption “Photo of the Day” and we will pick one photo each day to feature, with a few sentences about the photographer.

The closed flower of the sorrel plant at the Ministry of Agriculture’s National Seed Bank, Chaguaramas facility, where members of the public can go sorrel picking, Tucker Valley Road, Chaguaramas. – Vidya Thurab

Superintendent of Municipal Police(Arima), Erica Prieto presents a safety borchure to this motorist,
Police officers conducted an extensive roadblock exercise monitoring motorists throughout the capital city of Port of Spain, spearheaded by the Port of Spain City Corporation, – ROGER JACOB

A Venezuelan at Piarco International Airport on Thursday ponders his next move after learning that his repatriation flight had been cancelled. – Sureash Cholai

Photos of the late long-distance Lynette ‘Granny’ Luces are seen at her funeral, held on Thursday, at the Mt D’Or Seventh Adventist Church, Champs Fleurs. – ROGER JACOB

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