Jeremie sends Moonilal legal letter over CCTV contract claims


Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal holds the pre-action protocol letter he received from former attorney general John Jeremie for comments about a CCTV contract. Moonilal spoke to the media in Debe on Saturday. PHOTO BY JEFF MAYERS –

Former attorney general John Jeremie has issued a pre-cation protocol letter to Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal, accusing him of making defamatory statements.

The issue stemmed from comments Moonilal made on UNC’s live-streamed Virtual Pavement Report on February 11 about the award of a government contract to a Canadian firm for the distribution of CCTV cameras.

Moonilal linked the firm to two local companies — Energy Dynamics Ltd, of which Jeremie is a director, and Peake.

Speaking to the media on Saturday in Debe, Moonilal said the UNC has “concerns” about the bidding and tendering process, resulting in the Canadian firm getting the $84 million contract.

“All we wanted to know is was what is their relation to the company in Canada, whether they were key in attracting that company.”

Moonilal alleged there was “never” an open competitive tendering process which he said opposed the principles of the procurement legislation.

“My lawyers have looked at it. They are clearly saying it is frivolous and a waste of time and effort. We have sent a letter in response because we will follow the process,” he said about the legal letter.

Moonilal claimed 40 per cent of the CCTV cameras nationwide are not working.

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