Siparia man dies at hospital with stab wounds


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A 22-year-old Siparia man has died at hospital after being admitted for a stab wound on Sunday.

Police reported that Javed Ramsaran Baksh of Sennon Trace, Coora Road, Siparia, was taken to the Siparia Health Facility by relatives on Sunday afternoon.

The relatives said they had heard a scream of pain and found Baksh with blood-drenched clothes in the living room of their home.

He had a stab wound to the left of his chest.

One relative also said Baksh collapsed and seemed to have had a seizure, which he was prone to.

They then rushed him to the health facility where he died.

An autopsy will be done at the Forensic Science Centre in St James this week.

Sgt Haynes is investigating

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