Direct threats against Leader Spirit

From March 20 to April 18, the editorial of Leader Spirit received more than 15 emails with direct threats from unknown persons. Emails explicitly express offensive language and allusions to physical altercation and links to materials about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. All emails with their IP data have been conveyed to The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. Here are several screenshots from those emails.

It should be noted that this is not the first case of attempted attacks against our editorial. Unknown persons already attacked Leader Spirit in December 2020. Reason: DDOs attack. Also, the following text appeared on the Leader Spirit Wikipedia page: “The newspaper has since been shutdown and fake versions of it have been used by Russian bot networks to create fake news.”

Both of the attacks concurred with the publication of reports linked to the investigation of a criminal group that manages drug trafficking in Canada. We do not believe in such coincidences. The first article was published on December 12 under the title “Drug-trafficking in Canada. Traces of the Russian Mafia“. The last article in this series was published on March 17 under the headline “A Soviet spy used his daughter to infiltrate EY” It should be recalled that the article mentioned names such as Elena Arutyunova and Ruben Arutyunov. The report also provided facts that indicate that the Soviet spy used his daughter Elena Arutyunova to infiltrate an international audit company Ernst and Young (EY). Our independent linguistic examination suggests that the style and structure of separate statements in the letters with threats correspond to a Russian-speaking manner. We have not made final conclusions yet. However, we want to appeal to the authors of these threats: “You will not take us down. We are not intimidated. We are not going to stop our investigative journalism.

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