Terra Incognita: The way China is popularized in Ukraine

It is nearly 30 years ago that Ukraine and China established diplomatic relations. Only a week before, China was among the first to recognize Ukraine’s independence. Overall these years the countries have had different relations: good, bad or none at all. As a rule, it all depended on each Ukrainian president.

China is now the second-largest economy globally, the most stable and fastest-growing market globally, the world’s foremost manufacturing center, and one of the most innovative countries. There are no historical animosities or political obstacles between China and Ukraine that would hinder the development of relations. All of this provides a solid foundation and political guarantee for the development of bilateral cooperation.

Politically, China and Ukraine are currently strategic partners. Economically, China is Ukraine’s major trading partner.

The mentality of Ukrainians and Chinese, surprisingly enough, is somewhat similar, and yet this country is still terra incognita. Nevertheless, some organizations spread knowledge about Chinese traditions (Ukrainian Association of Chinese, Confucius Institute), explain how to do business with China. A few magazines about bilateral relations are published (“Ukraine-China” and “Ukr-China Communication”), and there are various groups and chats on social networks. Ukraine and China are in touch. One of the key promoters of China in Ukraine is businessman Viacheslav Lysenko.

China in Ukraine

Genuinely significant popularization of both culture and business with China dates back to the beginning of the “zero years.” At that time, they organized events to gather and consolidate everyone connected in some way with China, who works with China. Conferences and memorable evenings of Chinese meetings were held.

«Very few people are aware that in 2007 we even organized an internship in China for the MBA program trainees at MIM-Kyiv. Ukrainian top-managers and people in business seized this opportunity to have a unique insight into the specifics and methods of organization of Chinese business, macro-trends of economic expansion, ethno-psychological and cultural features at lectures of Ningbo University professors, and business visits to Chinese enterprises and business structures in various industries, forms of ownership and production types. The Blue Dragon Logistics Co. Ltd allowed getting acquainted with the logistics methods in the port of Beilun, one of the two world’s deepest ports, with the warehouse organization fitted with the latest equipment and the effective system of internet-control of cargo movement. MIM-Kyiv students also visited the factory of The Youngor Group Co. Ltd., which manufactures one of the Chinese best-known brands of premium-class clothing and employs over 10 thousand women; Minsheng Bank ranked among the top ten financial institutions in Hong Kong; the leading furniture company China Sunon Group Co. Ltd.» – Viacheslav Lysenko shares.

Later on, Viacheslav Lysenko, the owner of Ukr-China Communication, initiated a novel format of cooperation with partners – client conferences, allowing clients and employees of the company to meet personally, acquire the necessary knowledge in a professional environment and develop helpful business contacts. The purpose of conferences is to introduce the fundamental principles of effective business in the new realities and present new opportunities for the partnership between China and Ukraine. These events allow people to get more first-hand information on perspectives and tendencies on the markets of both countries, visualize the whole picture of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and China, and find answers to the most essential and urgent questions. For example, representatives of the Embassy of the PRC in Ukraine and a special guest from China, Mr. Luan Chunsheng, trade and economic advisor to the Embassy of the PRC in Ukraine in 2007-2012, were speakers at the events.

Besides educational activities and popularization of China in Ukraine, in the framework of informing Ukrainian entrepreneurs about the business specifics of doing business with Celestial Empire, limitless opportunities that Chinese partners offer for Ukrainian business, promising niches and fresh ideas, it should be noted that the company owner Viacheslav Lysenko constantly publishes and makes speeches. On the pages of the Ukrainian media, in live radio broadcasts, on crucial business portals, Viacheslav talks about the benefits of bilateral cooperation.

“Ukr-China Communication.”

The idea to start the journal originated in 2005 when Ukr-China Communication Company required a piece of information and auxiliary instrument that could help answer clients’ questions, suggest solutions, and provide relevant information on the two countries’ markets Chinese partner’s activity. 

The “Ukr-China Communication” journal was the first and sole professional business publication on mutual relations between Ukraine and China. It was called to fill the information vacuum on Ukrainian-Chinese concerns, increase awareness of Ukrainian entrepreneurs about the development of Ukrainian-Chinese ties in general and the specificity of development of the Celestial Empire, and facilitate the development, strengthening, and development optimization of Ukrainian entrepreneurs’ business with Chinese partners. 

The journal covered current and credible news, analytics, data, expert opinions, market reviews, and forecasts on the development of bilateral cooperation in business, economy, industry, tourism, humanitarian cooperation, and had its official representatives on China’s territory.

The editorial staff believed both Ukraine and China should increase the exchange of information to facilitate the expansion of bilateral cooperation and assured that the journal is an indispensable source of reliable, in-depth, and detailed information about China and would provide Ukrainian business circles with the competent and necessary information to work in the Chinese market and business decision-making. At present, the journal is experiencing the “second birth” after a short break, and very soon, it will please all Ukrainian Chinamen with an updated and improved printed and digital edition.

Ukraine enjoys excellent conditions: a prime geographical location, rich natural resources, an ancient and glorious culture, hard-working and talented people, a solid scientific, technical, and educational base. Therefore, China has developed into an internationally recognized factor of Ukraine’s economic development. Furthermore, both sides strive to unlock potential in education, science, and technology, industry, etc., and increase cooperation. The history of Chinese-Ukrainian relations indicates that both sides have become more and more essential partners in diverse spheres. However, there is no limit to perfection – it is imperative to strive for the best: even though China-Ukraine cooperation is highly successful, the potential is still great. Both sides should do their best to develop it further, both in business and cultural terms.

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