MP says Point Fortin will fly again despite Borough Day cancellation


Point Fortin Mayor Kennedy Richards Jr. – Marvin Hamilton

FOR the second successive year, Borough Day celebrations have been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Sunday would have seen the culmination of a month-long calendar of events which would have brought economic fortune to individuals and the community as a whole.

However, its MP Kennedy Richards Jr is confident Point Fortin will spread its wings and fly again.

In 2020, then Point Fortin mayor Richards had to take the tough decision to curtail the month-long activities as covid19 was declared a pandemic.

Saleema Thomas who succeeded him when he was elected MP for Point Fortin in 2020 also had to take similar action this year even as the Borough commemorated its 41st anniversary.

In her Borough Day message, Thomas who has tested positive for covid19, reminded all to adhere to the health protocols, “and play our role in eradicating this deadly virus.

“The crisis cannot prevent us from recognising this milestone in our local political history and from thanking all those who have played their part in making it a reality.”

She said while the virus has muted the celebrations, the production of vaccines is a source of renewed hope. However, she noted that the resurgence in cases across the globe is a reminder that the crisis is not over and people must keep their guard up.

“As we recollect and reminisce, however, we are still very much focused on dealing with the present and shaping the future as we forge ahead.

“Let us keep focused and continuously refuel our energies as we continue to forge bravely forward on this journey of life.”

“In this period of global crisis therefore, your borough corporation will continue its efforts to develop and transform our many communities though initiatives in education, youth mentorship, communication, entrepreneurship, communication, agriculture, the environment, infrastructure, culture, sports and of course health and social support for the vulnerable and needy.”

Richards said of the cancellation, “The challenge we have is that we are adjusting to things we thought we could not do without. We have to make those adjustments so one day soon, we can enjoy them again. We have to be responsible and cautious and limit our contact with people and the things we do.”

He said the borough has seen vast development in the last 41 years, although economic activities have been curtailed in the last two years due to the pandemic.

“One day we will come back to that point of development and Point Fortin will spread its wings and fly. I want to be the MP to champion that holistic growth and development,” he said.

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