Essential business enjoy ‘good’ sales in PoS Tuesday


Vendor Joeninho Romel Melville tries to sell crabs to a pedestrian on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, Tuesday. – AYANNA KINSALE

Only pharmacies, supermarkets and street vendors in Port of Spain opened to sell to the public on Tuesday.

Despite the slow movement of people in the city owing the closure of non-essential stores, vendors on Charlotte Street told Newsday sales were good.

On Monday, the PM announced tightened restrictions to reduces the spread of covid19. Even essential businesses, however, are only allowed to open between 6 am and 8 pm.

Shaffick Mohammed, owner of the Cassava Fatman establishment said, “There is a good movement of customers and everyone is aware of the health measures and social distancing, this is how it should be.”

Mohammed urged people to understand the measures against covid19 because everyone has a need to buy food.

“If people know the importance of distancing, we will be able to hold out for two weeks quietly to help reduce the cases of covid19,” he said.

However, Mohammed said for the measures to be more effective, more vaccines should reach TT soon.

“We need more people vaccinated, so there will be less chance of the virus spreading,” he said.

Many street vendors offered their products until noon, at which time the number of buyers decreased.

There was also a police presence supervising compliance with the closure and physical distancing measures.

Joeninho Romel Melville, a vegetable and crab vendor, also said that sales were good.

Melville said: “I personally see good movement of people. It is normal because people need to buy food, but people must be good citizens and follow the rules.”

Other vendors like Ibrahim Baddoo said he feared the shutdown could get even tighter if covid19 cases continue to rise.

“We need to sell, vendors live from day to day and if the measures increase, it will be our turn for street vendors to close as well.”

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