Shoppers ignore Mother’s Day deals, focus on essential items on Sunday


People line up to enter Massy Stores, Maraval, on Sunday. – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

Not many shoppers were out doing the usual last-minute shopping for Mother’s Day deals on Sunday at major supermarkets.

Instead, many of the shoppers that Newsday spoke to said they were focused on doing their regular month-end shopping on a day they anticipated wouldn’t have long lines to get into the stores or large crowds.

The last item Randall Herreira takes out his cart is a bouquet of flowers he purchased at Massy Stores, Maraval, on Mother’s Day. – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

Even though there were specials on flowers, cakes, wines, and small gift baskets for mom, only a few stopped to look at the deals and less than a handful of shoppers were seen buying the gift items.

At Tru Value Supermarket’s Long Circular branch, one customer who was seen picking up a Happy Mother’s Day cake told Newsday it was a gift to herself, while most of the customers in the store browsed through the frozen food and non-perishable items lanes.

A street vendor sells a motorist some flowers outside the Tunapuna Market on the Eastern Main Road on Mother’s Day. – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

Another woman said she was doing her monthly groceries.

There was a solid police presence in and around the supermarket, though there were no lines on the outside or any crowds inside.

At Massy Stores in Maraval, shoppers paid no mind to the Mother’s Day specials corner. The crowd was a bit busier and the line a bit longer at this branch but customers were focused on packing their trolleys with tin food, frozen meats, fruits, and provisions.

Another shopper, Lisa Robert, said the family didn’t have any Mother’s Day celebrations planned owing to covid19 restrictions.

“Covid19 (cases) are out of control. (Both) young and old dying. My family not risking my mother’s life just for a brunch or lunch this year. We can celebrate after.”

A police vehicle was stationed outside Tru Valu, Long Circular Mall to ensure there was no overcrowding but there were few shoppers at the branch on Sunday. – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

One man was seen leaving the store with one bouquet. Randol Herreira explained to Newsday that the flowers were for a close relative on Mother’s Day.

Shelves with Mother’s Day special items at Benefit the People Supermarket in Barataria and Jumbo Foods in San Juan also remain packed. At those supermarkets, shoppers were picking up a few basic items and leaving as quickly as they came in.

A customer representative at the supermarket told Newsday toilet paper, water and other dried goods were going fast and people did not focus on Mother’s Day shopping as they normally would.

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