Ex-health minister knocks rush for covid19 tests


Dr Fuad Khan –

Former UNC MP for Barataria/San Juan Dr Fuad Khan has hit out at people who he says are running to get tested and sending up the infection rate which is responsible for driving Government to call a state of emergency (SoE).

In a video post which was widely circulated on social media including WhatsApp on Monday, Khan – a doctor by profession – said people are buying into the fear caused by media reports and running to private labs for covid19 tests.

He said that even if someone is covid19-positive, once they are able to breathe properly, they will recover and all they need to do is to follow the proper protocols such as wearing a mask, isolating and washing their hands in order not to spread the virus.

“I really can’t understand why people who have no symptoms, (maybe) only a little sniffles, only running to get tested in private labs. Why are you doing that?” Khan asked in the video.

Describing covid19 as endemic in Trinidad and Tobago, Khan said the more people go to get tested – when they are showing mild to no symptoms – the more the infection rate will rise and the longer the country will have to remain in punishing restrictions such as the SoE and curfew.

“You’re not going to die (if you have covid19) if your chest is not bad, if you’re not pulling for breath, if you can walk up some stairs and if you can talk in sentences. If you can do all of that, you have no problem.

“Just wear your masks so you won’t spread it or get it, wash your hands so you won’t spread it or get it. Why are you rushing for testing?”

He said people are fast becoming their own enemy and causing economic destruction to the country when they rush to get tested.

“Allyuh real good you know, allyuh only want lockdown and state of emergency in allyuh a–,” he said.

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