We’ll do our part against covid19


Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association president Tricia Coosal. Photo by Vidya Thurab

THE Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) on Tuesday promised the population it will continue to play its part to assist the national covid19 response, particularly during the current state of emergency (SoE). The SoE took effect from midnight last Saturday.

In response to questions from Newsday, the TTMA said in a statement, “The manufacturing sector is focusing on managing its best given the current SoE in the country and the present covid19 regulations.”

While it understood and appreciated the Government’s need to preserve life owing to the recent, significant surge in the number of covid positive cases and deaths, the TTMA said, “We are cautious given the impact for the last year on the manufacturing industry. We are confident that due focus is being given to the preservation of livelihood by the Government.”

The TTMA also said it understood the Government had to strike a delicate delicate balance between the preservation of life and livelihood.

“The immediate response of preservation of life is of utmost importance in light of the significant surge in covid-positive cases and deaths.”

The TTMA was hopeful that “these numbers begin to steadily decline, as such allowing the Government to review the relaxation of restrictions with respect to the manufacturing sector.”

On Monday, Greater San Fernando Area Chamber of Commerce president Kiran Singh, Couva/Pt Lisas Chamber Chamber of Commerce president Rajbal Ramchand. and Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce head Richie Sookhai underscored the importance of adhering to the SoE and public health regulations to save lives, while also protecting livelihoods.

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