Soldier confined to barracks for threatening videos


File photo (November 2017)

A soldier is the subject of an internal investigation after he allegedly made a series of videos threatening the public with violence if they did not obey the curfew while the state of emergency remains in effect.

The videos, which were circulated on WhatsApp earlier this week, showed a man dressed in military fatigues warning the public to stay indoors and threatening those with criminal records that “anybody could get it.”

A media release from the regiment on Tuesday confirmed that a soldier has been confined to barracks as an internal probe has been launched.

The regiment also condemned the remarks and said it would uphold its core principles of service and respect while ensuring the safety of the public.

“The regiment wishes to assure the public that the views expressed by the service person in question in no way represents the views and core values of the TT Regiment and by extension the wider TT Defence Force.

“The TT Regiment holds its members to the highest standards of discipline and professionalism, and measures taken by persons which contravene good order and military discipline will not be tolerated.”

The regiment also promised to act in accordance of the law and do its part in fighting the covid19 pandemic.

Last March a video was circulated showing soldiers and police officers forcing a homeless man to drink alcohol and do exercises.

The police officers, Anthony Alert and Kadeem Cadiz, along with soldiers Kevin Rawlins and Dane Williams, were charged with common assault and misbehaviour in public office.

They were each granted $100,000 bail after appearing in court last June.

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