Claxton Bay man jailed for breaching curfew, larceny


Alloy Turner –

A 60-year-old man has been jailed for breaching the curfew and larceny.

Alloy Turner appeared before San Fernando magistrate Rajendra Rambachan on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to both offences.

The magistrate sentenced him to six months’ hard labour for breaching the curfew and 12 months’ hard labour for larceny, a release from police said.

The sentences are to run concurrently.

St Margaret’s police were on mobile patrol around 3.10 am on Wednesday when they saw Turner pushing a wheelbarrow with 30 clay blocks on the Southern Main Road, St Margaret’s Village, in Claxton Bay.

They asked if he was aware of the curfew and if he had authorisation to be outside.

He responded that he was aware and didn’t have authorisation. He also said it was the only time for him to do what he was doing.

The police also asked where he got the blocks, and he pointed to an open piece of land nearby.

The owner did not give him permission to take the blocks.

Turner told police he “only took some.”

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