Police Association: Meeting with Hinds productive


National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. Photo by Jeff K Mayers

President of the police Social Welfare Association (TTPSSWA) acting Insp Gideon Dickson described a meeting with National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds as meaningful and productive as he awaited a response from the ministry on the issues raised.

Dickson and other association members met with Hinds at the Ministry of National Security, Abercromby Street, Port of Spain, on Friday to discuss a proposal to pay $1 million to the families of police officers who died after contracting covid19 on the job.

Speaking with Newsday, Dickson said he was pleased with the meeting and anticipated hearing from Hinds again.

“It was cordial, engaging and encouraging and we stand with bated breath to measure the success of the meeting based on the actions taken.

“We had an agenda and we were able to cover all of the points in the agenda so it was very favourable.

“The minister would have identified some things that were outside of his remit, but for those things that were his responsibility, he said he would give us some feedback within six weeks.”

Figures published by the police showed 206 officers had tested positive for the coronavirus up to Friday and 1,042 officers had been quarantined.

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