Day: May 30, 2021

How Vancouver Aquarium otters took over a Twitch channel featuring video gamers live streaming from hot tubs

One of Twitch’s newest and perhaps most controversial channels is dedicated to female video gamers live streaming their game play from hot tubs. But sandwiched in between those videos, and as one of the most-viewed streams on that channel, is live footage of otters frolicking away in their own pool at the Vancouver Aquarium. What is going on, you ask? Well, we wondered […]

Who’s policing the police? |

Misconduct allegations against a former senior-ranking Mountie that recently surfaced during a murder investigation in B.C. are prompting new questions into how RCMP investigate one of their own. It’s also causing critics to voice concern about who’s policing the police. Arlene Westervelt died while canoeing with her husband Bert Westervelt on Okanagan Lake in June […]

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