Moruga cop dies from covid19


WPC Vernessa Stoute died from the coronavirus on Tuesday while being treated at the Augustus Long Hospital, Pointe a Pierre.


A policewoman last assigned to the Moruga police station is the latest police officer to die from the coronavirus, a media release reported on Wednesday.

WPC Vernessa Stoute died at the Augustus Long Hospital, Pointe-a-Pierre, on Tuesday.

Stoute had two sons, Martin, 14, Akeem, 27, and a daughter, Vernikah, 21.

She joined the police as a Special Reserve constable in 2003 and was absorbed as a regular officer.

In the release, senior officer at the Moruga police station Sgt Auldwin Toussaint sent condolences to Stoute’s family and described her as a valuable member of the service whose willingness to help was one of her most memorable qualities.

“The last time we saw her was on June 5th, she was so playful and full of life, and that is how we will always remember her.

“WPC Stoute was a willing officer, no matter what time of the day or night if she was called, she will come out to help. Not only was she one of the main organisers of all of the station’s events and activities, but she would eagerly have volunteered in the community.”

To date 11 police officers are reported to have died from covid19.

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