Body of Carli Bay boat captain found in La Brea, grieving relatives relieved


The bodies of Parasram “Brain” Boodoo and Navindra “Tall Man” Garib., who went missing at sea on Monday, were recovered on Thursday and Friday. –

It was a bitter-sweet moment for a Carli Bay family on Friday when the body of boat captain Navindra “Tallman” Garib washed ashore in La Brea, four days after he went missing at sea.

On Saturday, his father, Naresh, told Newsday he and the rest of the family were happy to get his body. He said the grief would have been worse if his son’s body had not been found.

“I feel a little good knowing I get the body. Since my son went missing, I could not eat or sleep. Last night (Friday) I got two hours of sleep. I must thank Orange Valley fishermen for helping us out in looking for him,” Naresh said.

“My other son, Avinash, was foot-and-foot with me. He went all out trying to find his brother.”

Garib, 30, of Sunset Avenue, and his friend Parasram “Brain” Boodoo, 42, an auto painter from Perseverance Road, went fishing in the Gulf of Paria at around 4 pm on Monday from Carli Bay.

Sandra Garib prays with Leela Jackdeo and Isha Ali at the Carli Bay fishing depot, on Wednesday, for the return of her son Navindra Garib who went missing at sea on Monday, along with Parasaram Boodoo. Navindra’s body washed ashore on Friday and Boodoo’s was recovered on Thursday. – Photo by Lincoln Holder

The next day, Cedros police found the boat they left in, washed ashore in Granville. Its engine was under the home of a resident.

Boodoo’s body was found off the Point Lisas port on Wednesday afternoon.

Naresh, the father of three, lives next door to Garib’s home. Garib was not married and did not have any children.

Naresh recalled that on Monday morning, Garib asked him to cook egg, aloo and rice. He made the dish, and Garib packed it to go fishing. He was a great swimmer, Naresh said.

“He said he was not going far out. He left with a half tank of gas. When he was walking down the step, he said, ‘Daddy live good. Ah going.’ Looking back, it was like he had a sign that this (death) was going to happen,” Naresh said.

“That same day, he gave me a framed picture with him and my two other children and told me to keep it. He said he was waiting for that day to give it to me.”

On two occasions when the two men were still missing, Garib’s father heard his voice.

“On Tuesday, at 3.45 am, I was in the gallery because I could not sleep. I him heard him calling me. I went next door looking for him, and no one was there. The next day, same place, same time he did the something,” Naresh said.

“Sometime he would come from work and call me out that hour. ”

Police said a crab catcher spotted Garib’s body along the shoreline at Point Sable beach and contacted La Brea police. Boodoo’s body was recovered on Thursday.

Autopsies are expected to be done on Monday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

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