LeRoy Clarke cremated on Wednesday


Master artist LeRoy Clarke – Photo courtesy social media

Artist LeRoy Clarke was cremated on Wednesday after a small private ceremony during which his transition ceremony (last rites) were performed.

His family said this was in keeping with the express wishes of the artist and poet.

In a release, Clarke’s daughter Adaeze Clarke said, “Dad’s health had been on the decline for some time and we put all our focus into ensuring he was cared for in the best way possible. We are grateful to all who contributed to making him comfortable in these last few months.

“Everyone knows how sociable he was and how he loved having philosophical discussions any chance he got. So his being ill during the pandemic meant he could only connect with people via video and phone calls.”

Clarke, 82, died away on Tuesday morning.

His daughter said the family was aware the nation would have been surprised at how quickly the final rites had been performed.

“”Daddy was very explicit with his final wishes and he entrusted those closest to him to ensure what he wanted was carried out to the letter. We are especially grateful to the public for respecting our privacy in this time while we fulfilled his last wishes. He is already greatly missed.”

Adaeze, who is a director of De Legacy…House of LeRoy Clarke El Tucuchean Foundation, which Clarke set up in 2016, outlined the next steps that would be taken to honour him.

“There will be opportunity for the public to celebrate his life with us online during a planned memorial this August.

“And then of course, the foundation has a number of upcoming exhibitions and initiatives planned locally and internationally. Galleries and museums globally have shown interest in the collections. We will endeavour, of course, to make sure the people of the Caribbean have access to his works and publications.”

Those who who wish to express their good wishes and condolences can do so on the website www.leroyclarke.com. Direct messages ande-mails can also be sent to the foundation at [email protected]

Cards or letters can be mailed to: De Legacy…House of LeRoy Clarke El Tucuchean Foundation, 13A Wellsprings, Cascade, Trinidad and Tobago.

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